Here's what we came up with💡

We identified one of the most pressing issues that humanity is facing currently: climate change

Research and Brainstorm 💡

Coming up with a undermined yet very viable component of climate change was a tough job, but we surveyed several people and came up with the idea to make a game to raise awareness about ocean cleanliness.

Opportunity Scan 🔍

We scoured for games that accomplish the same goal or work with the same thoughts behind it but came up with nada. So, we decided to move forward with our idea of focusing on trash vortices in the ocean.

Action Plan 🗺

With the goal in mind, we all got to work and came up with an endless runner game featuring a turtle 🐢 who has a vacuum cleaner strapped to its back and has taken it upon himself to clean the oceans.

The Link 🔗

With the Ludum Dare topic being "Stuck in a Loop➰", we thought of the genius plan to submit our game, it being an endless runner to Ludum Dare as well. Hence, we ended up calling it the Double Dare.


Now Play Turtle VS Trash Vortex

Play the Game!

Check Out The Video

Here's a video which shows you the gameplay.

About The Team

Meet the team behind the game created to amplify awareness for ocean cleanliness.


Valarie Adams

Project Lead


Matthew Thompson



Michael Thompson

Music Composer


Suhit Agarwal

Web Designer


Tyler Shauger

Level Designer


Vincent Prime

Sound & UI Designer